Genuary 4, Intersections

· [ genuary ] · @pentronik

Intersections as a prompt is an idea I can get behind.

I thought I would try doing a two color version to really push on the sky/mountains feel I get. I turns out that aligning fountain pens in the plotter isn’t so easy, so there are some imperfetions. But I actually don’t mind it. I don’t think I would ship one like this out sight unseen.

Also on mastodon.

See for the rest of the prompts. I’ve been avoiding thinking about future ones, unless I can’t help it (I’m looking at your Moiré).

Bonus art

This was my third idea, but it’s pretty plain, so I didn’t post it on Mastodon. LMK if you think I should have.

@pentronik    :fountain_pen: