@pentronik is a maker of hand coded plotter and generative art studies for the curious. @pentronik is an artist, an explorer, an experimentalist, an algorist. Also postcardist.

Where else can you find @pentronik?

What is @pentronik?

@pentronik is a quest, and also a journey. There will be some documents of things that have been discovered along the way. Have you heard of creative exhaust? What about learning in public? This is that. This is my digital garden. It may look like a blog in some places, but those blog posts may get revised or replaced. Other documents will be in pages.

Who is @pentronik?

@pentronik is a friend, an ally, a believer in truth and facts. @pentronik is a seeker and a learner, a maker and a helper.

Best bet is to find them on Twitter at @pentronik. You may attempt to contact them at pentronik@pentronik.art.

The opinionated References section is interesting and useful.