I make postcards and mail them to people. I’d like to send you one. It happens a few times a year. Keep an eye on my twitter feed for the announcements and sign up link.

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But why? Well, (Bayles and Orland) tell a story about what can be gained by focusing on quality or quanity. It’s a story about a pottery class, and one group is graded on how many pounds of finished pottery they make. The other group is graded on how perfect one pot is. The better work came from the quantity group. Makes a lot of sense to me, and not just from my experience in my day job. Iterating, and intentionally trying things to see what you learn, paying attention, and making many new things; it really does push you forward. That said, I’m not expecting to make anything really amazing for a while, mostly because I have a day job. But, having finished works, it sure does feel nice. :smile:

So, postcards. Hope you like them!

Past postcard series


  1. Bayles, D. and Orland, T., Art & Fear: Observations on the perils (and rewards) of artmaking, 2001.

    Really excellent for framing an art practice, particularly if you don’t have a background in it, or family to reference. @pentronik

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