These references are referred to somewhere in this website. The “Details” link is provided to show a page with only that book listed. Books are listed in chronological order of acquisition or use, newest are at the bottom (for now).

  1. Angell, I.O. and Griffith, G., High-resolution Computer Graphics Using FORTRAN 77, 1987.

    There is lots of good stuff in here. @pentronik

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  2. Angell, I.O., Computer geometric art, 1985.

    It’s just some patterns. I don’t find it that helpful, inspiring, or interesting. @pentronik

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  3. Flanagan, David and Matsumoto, Yukihiro, The Ruby Programming Language, 2008. More Details
  4. Mandelbrot, B.B., The Fractal Geometry of Nature, 1983.

    A very good book. @pentronik

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  5. Mandelbrot, B., Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension, 2020. More Details
  6. Yue, D., Perspective drawing by programmable calculator, 1984. More Details
  7. Gardner, M., Mathematical Carnival: From Penny Puzzles, Card Shuffles and Tricks of Lightning Calculators to Roller Coaster Rides Into the Fourth Dimension, 1975. More Details
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  11. O’Rourke, J., How to Fold It: The Mathematics of Linkages, Origami, and Polyhedra, 2011. More Details
  12. Jackson, P., How to Make Repeat Patterns: A Guide for Designers, Architects and Artists, 2018. More Details
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  18. Choma, J., Morphing: A Guide to Mathematical Transformations for Architects and Designers, 2015.

    Is it just me, or is the parametric range notation just incorrectly written? @pentronik

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  19. Hilbert, D. and Cohn-Vossen, S. and Nemenyi, P., Geometry and the Imagination, 1952. More Details
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  25. Bayles, D. and Orland, T., Art & Fear: Observations on the perils (and rewards) of artmaking, 2001.

    Really excellent for framing an art practice, particularly if you don’t have a background in it, or family to reference. @pentronik

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  26. Charbonneau, P., Natural Complexity: A Modeling Handbook, 2017. More Details
  27. Tufte, E., Seeing with Fresh Eyes: Meaning, Space, Data, Truth, 2020. More Details